Influencer Cancellation Insurance

Introducing personal scale disgrace insurance for social media celebrities and content creators. Manage your public relations and let us manage your peace of mind.

It's time to take control of your audience.

Let's face the facts: your income on social media rests on the approval of your fans. When your behavior doesn't live up to the expectations of your constituency, you can end up personally responsible for the things you've said and done. Your followers won't give you time to explain yourself before they come to consensus about your failures - and we understand. We give you time to learn from your mistakes, even when Twitter and Instagram don't.

Show your fans that you care about how they feel, and do so with financial confidence.

Filaxis Insurance Company is now offering a unique Influencer Cancellation Insurance (ICI) package. For account holders with eligible subscriber-based incomes we offer full income-lost coverage in the case of a sudden loss of subscribership. ICI covers costs associated with PR management such as non-monetizable apology content, sensitivity training, and retainer fees.

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