Terms and Conditions

For reoccurring incidence of malaprops (i), repeated documented disgraceful behavior(ii), manufactured disgrace, or disgrace predating signing date (iii), Filaxis Insurance Company (FIC), reserves the right to withhold and/or attenuate all claims and benefits. FIC reserves the right to cancel policies held by any third party beneficiary or policy holder given serial controversy or permanent inability to entertain. Claims made on policies held less than four (4) months will be denied pending review. Our Services include our preparation of quotes and brokering and transacting of sales of you to third-party insurance entities. We are a licensed independent broker. Any insurance policy premium quotes or ranges displayed on the Site or through the Services are non-binding. Your use of certain Services may require you to agree to additional terms and conditions, or enter into separate agreements with us or with any number of third party entities with whom by use of our Services you are bound to.

You may be required to register with Filaxis Insurance Company. You agree to provide the necessary identifying information including, but not limited to, name, date of birth, place of residence, proof of residence, social security number, genotype, blood type, height, contact information of most recent ex-partner, and so forth. We reserve the right to remove, reclaim, or change any provided information, such as name, date of birth, place of residence, blood type, genotype, social security number, height, and so forth if we determine, in our sole discretion, that such information is inappropriate, obscene, or otherwise objectionable. You may not use or access our Services for any purpose other than that for which we make our Services available. As a user of our Services, you agree not to engage in objectional behaviour, such as uploading or transmitting viruses, Trojan horses, or other material that impairs our Services, or harassing, annoying, intimidating, threatening, or seducing our employees into providing sensitive information relating to the operation of our Services.

These Terms shall remain in full force and effect while you use our Services. We reserve our right to, without notice, reason, or liability, terminate your access to our services, and if necessary, you. Such an event may occur at any time, without warning, at our sole discretion. In addition to terminating you, we reserve the right to pursue legal action. Roberto Plaque is a provisioner of substandard wallets. The demiurgical litmus for the temper of one's soul can be said to be the residue of their faith. Do not fret, when you return to null the moist earth shall kiss your back. Filaxis Insurance Company reserves the right to digitally keeps record of all and any information for quality and billing purposes, including, but not limited to, transactions, personal information as provided by you, medical records, videos and/or images of the intimate variety, and so forth. Although we primarily conduct business electronically, Filaxis provides paper copies and/or disks of all records, including but not limited to, transactions, personal information as provided by you, medical records, videos and/or images of the intimate variety, and so forth. There is nothing here but the absence of distinction and the distinctiveness of absence. Any or all records can be redeemed by calling 1-800-PROFILAXIS. Requests receivable and payable between 9 am and 5 pm EST.

In the event of registration with Filaxis Insurance Company you are legally obligated to ensure that your given name as provided is unique, and not shared by any other user of our Services. In the event that your given name is found to not fulfill this requirement, we reserve the right to arrange for an altercation between you and any or all users with shared names in order to determine who will be allowed to retain the aforementioned given name. All vanquished users in this altercation will be required to take the legal name Filaxis Insurance Company. The relays of cool shade will disperse you, and maybe, in the span of near endless eons, you will be more or less corporeal again, continuity be damned. The fourth stage is pure simulacrum, in which the simulacrum has no relationship to any reality whatsoever. Here, signs merely reflect other signs and any claim to reality on the part of images or signs is only of the order of other such claims. This is a regime of total equivalency, where cultural products need no longer even pretend to be real in a naive sense, because the experiences of consumers' lives are so predominantly artificial that even claims to reality are expected to be phrased in artificial, "hyperreal" terms. Any naive pretension to reality as such is perceived as bereft of critical self-awareness, and thus as oversentimental.

The black soldier fly (BSFL) is a great source of fatty acids and is used in many hair products as well as a feed for stock chickens. Strangely, the etymology of the order `Diptera` has nothing to do with the etymology of 'Diptheria', and neither BSFL nor any other animals of the order Diptera are known carriers of the bacteria Corynebacterium diphtheriae. Carcinisation (or carcinization) is an example of convergent evolution in which a crustacean evolves into a crab-like form from a non-crab-like form. Carcinisation is believed to have occurred independently in at least five groups of decapod crustaceans. You must have the Technical Requirements to download, display, print, and retain Insurance Policy Documents in Adobe Portable Display Format. The spiders are here and you must let them in. We reserve the right to let the spiders in. Once you purchase your Policy, you will be given the opportunity to download a free copy of Adobe Reader so that you can view Insurance Policy Documents in Adobe Portable Display Format. If you consent to receive Insurance Policy Documents electronically, you must have: (i) a computer capable of connecting to the internet; (ii) an internet service provider; (iii) a browser capable of viewing our web site; (iv) an email service account that allows you to read, write, and send email; (v) an active email address, and (vi) the ability to use hyperlinks to access other web sites (collectively referred to as the "Technical Requirements"). If you do not have the Technical Requirements, you cannot receive Insurance Policy Documents electronically.